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Meta.Numerics.Extended Namespace

Contains types that enable extended-precision integer and floating point calculations.
Public classAdvancedDoubleDoubleMath
Contains method for computing advanced functions to double double accuracy.
Public structureDoubleDouble
Represents a floating point number with quadruple precision.
Public structureDoubleInfo
Contains information on the stored represenation of a double value.
Public structureInt128
Represents a signed integer with a 128 bit register width.
Public structureUInt128
Represents a 128-bit unsigned integer.

The DoubleDouble structure supports floating-point arithmetic with twice the number of significant digits as the Double structure.

The DoubleInfo structure exposes information on the internal representation of a Double. It is mostly useful for developers working on the details of numerical algorithms.

The Int128 structure is a 128-bit wide integer register. It functions analogously to Int64 and Int32, but supports values up to ~1038. The UInt128 structure is its unsigned counterpart.