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DiscreteUniformDistribution Properties

The DiscreteUniformDistribution type exposes the following members.

Public propertyExcessKurtosis
Gets the excess kurtosis of the distribution.
(Inherited from UnivariateDistribution.)
Public propertyMaximum
Gets the largest value in the distribution.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionMaximum.)
Public propertyMean
Gets the mean of the distribution.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionMean.)
Public propertyMinimum
Gets the smallest value in the distribution.
(Overrides DiscreteDistributionMinimum.)
Public propertySkewness
Gets the skewness of the distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateDistributionSkewness.)
Public propertyStandardDeviation
Gets the standard deviation of the distribution.
(Inherited from UnivariateDistribution.)
Public propertyVariance
Gets the variance of the distribution.
(Overrides UnivariateDistributionVariance.)
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